Testosterone is the vital male sex hormone, which regulates fertility, fat distribution, RBC production and the muscle mass. The level of this hormone is essential as dropped level of this hormone causes infertility or hypogonadism. This situation with today’s lifestyle is becoming more dominant and common amongst all other reproductive issues.

There are supplements that are given to the patients who are suffering from the lower level of this hormone. These supplements are recommended only for specific conditions, not for the age-related drop in the level.

Supplements are provided because this hormone regulates not only fertility but many other processes in the male body. For this reason, Testosterone Replacement Therapy abbreviated as TRT is also available and is easily accessible.

As mentioned, it is the hormone that is responsible for male sexuality, this hormone is a chemical messenger that activates and necessitates the changes in the body of a male.
This hormone is a type of androgen that is produced chiefly by the testicles in the leydig cells.

The functions that are regulated by this hormone are mentioned below:

• Sperm production
• Maturation of sperm
• Sex drive
• Fat distribution
• Red blood cell production
• Bone mass
• Muscle size and strength

Brain and pituitary gland rules over testosterone level in male body and flows with the flow of blood in the male thus regulating the destined functions.

Reasons for the reduction in the hormone level:

• Castration: Sudden injury in the testicles
• Taking of the opiate analgesics in medications
• Infection in the testicles or in the testicular region
• Pituitary hormones level
• High prolactin levels
• Type-II diabetes
• Kidney disease
• Liver malfunctioning
• Obesity
• Genetic disorders: Klinefelter Syndrome, Hemocromatosis, Prader-Willi Syndrome,
• Kallman syndrome and muscular dystrophy


Testosterone supplements: Methyltestosterone, can lead to liver toxicity.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT):

TRT provide assistance to restore some of the affected functions of reduced level of testosterone. TRT chiefly affects bone strength and hemoglobin levels in the blood, but it does not affect the mental sharpness. TRT can be administered by:
● Skin gels
● Skin patches
● Medicated injections
● Medicines that are absorbed through the gums (tablets/pills)

Aforementioned instigations can however, trigger the below mentioned side effects:

● Amplified RBC count
● Prostate enlargement
● Breast enlargement
● Acne/pimples
● Breathing difficulties (during sleep)


During hypogonadism, a man experiences low levels of testosterone and thus:

• Decreases sex drive
• Increase the probability of erectile dysfunction
• Reduces the sperm count
• Enlarged breast tissues may be because of swelling at the respective place.

When such condition is not diagnosed or ignored then it may lead to:

• Loss of body hair
• Loss of bone strength
• Increase in the body fat
• Loss of muscle mass

Chronic low level of testosterone may cause:

• Osteoporosis
• Decrease level of energy
• Fatigue
• Mood swings