Hydrocele is a form of inflammation in the scrotum which occurs when the fluid gets collected in the thinner most sheath that surrounds the testicle. This condition is very common in new born babies and generally disappears without any treatment by the age of 1. This condition is not painful or harmful, but if the child bears swelling in the scrotal sac then there is a need to consult your urologist.


• Painless swelling of one or both the testicles.
• When there has been pain, it generally increases with the advent of inflammation.


In baby boys, hydrocele gets developed before birth only, there has been a sac which is accompanied by each testicle that surrounds the testicle via fluid present in it. Sometimes non-communicating hydrocele is formed in which the sac gets closed and the fluid is absorbed into the cavity itself.
When the sac remains open, it is called as communicating hydrocele, this sac can change the size of itself or if the sac is compressed, fluid flow back forth into the abdominal region. Communicating hydrocele gives away a path to inguinal hernia.
In older males, hydrocele gets developed as an outcome of injury or inflammation within the scrotum. This swelling may be an outcome of any infection in the testicle or in the epididymitis.

Risk factors

• Premature baby boys are prone to the development of hydrocele at a higher level.
• Injury
• Inflammation on the scrotal sac
• Infection, including STDs


Hydrocele does not affect the fertility in males, but it is one of the major reason for infection, tumor, reduction in the sperm production, reduction in the activity of function, can be a main reason for the development of inguinal hernia that can lead to life threatening issues.