The vision of MKM Hospital is to prove its competency in providing a proper channel to the patients and their needs. MKM believes on the well said quote: “By Choice, instead of By Chance”.
MKM wants to be the hospital of choice for patients, associated physicians and employees. It is one of the organisation that trusts in patient centric programs by practicing genuine medicine.
MKM wants to be a leader in providing excellence, compassionate patient-centred care that pursues physical remedies and comforts as well as the peace of mind and the peace of heart.

We want our hospital to be called as everyone’s hospital, so we more targeted to user friendly approach in the healthcare sector.

It is also focussing on the cost-effective services in order to improve the health status of those we serve, across the area of our approach. In providing these medical services, we endeavour to operate at the highest level of personal integrity.

We ought to serve new, with a modern out-patient and specialty care oriented facility by relocating to a closer place so that more and more facilities from our end can be delivered and reaching out into the community in multiple locations and levels of care; collaborative with medical staff members and other provider organizations to provide a continuum of services; computerized with the latest information systems linking all elements like reports, scans, etc. throughout the service area; and acknowledged for the quality of care delivered to each and every patient can be made easy.