MKM Stone and Urology Hospital, Bhopal was the dream project of “Late Shri. Hanumat Sharan Tiwari and Shrimati. Pramila Tiwari” to deliver cost effective medical service to the community around, where everyone should have access to the medical facilities irrespective of the cost culture today. Although the couple belonged to a small city “Chhattarpur” but they were always with a broad range of spectrum for the people they loved. Their horizon to serve the community was commendable, and this has been carried out forward by their generations around. They have stood for the welfare of the society in all aspects of life. Late Shri. Hanumat Sharan Tiwari was a community developer of his city “Chhattarpur”, he was the President of Geeta Mandal Association and Mote keMahavir Association in his own city. Not only this, to name a few, he was associated with Regional Brahmin Samaj as its Vice president and was the active member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad as its Department Coordinator. With his blessings and eminent guidance “MKM Stone and Urology Hospital, Bhopal” not only deals with the physical care of people but also focuses on the mental peace of the people we serve. It has made us to prioritize the development of core moral and ethical values in this era of competition. Further, the project is looking forward to its connection with the people down the line for the coming years with fruitful results, satisfaction and needs and wants of the people.

With the blessings of almighty, the mission of MKM Stone and Urology Hospital is to provide a receptive healing surroundings for patients and their families, to provide a dignified environment to the physicians associated and to improve the worth of life for all the members of our community.

We are the core believers in providing eminent patient care with relentless attention to clinical merit, patient satisfaction, patient safety and an incomparable passion and commitment to assure the paramount of healthcare for those we serve.
MKM has always focussed on the patient healthcare system that is readily accessible, cost operative and effective and has always been a prime centre to meet the needs of the people we serve.
One of the core point of MKM is the expansion of access to the healthcare services for the underserved populations within the people we serve.

MKM has been attentive on creating a supportive and compassionate team environment for the patients, physicians, and employees, clinical and administrative staff. It has foster learning and growth via comprehensive educational associations.
Exhibit stewardship and creativity in the management of all accessible resources and is committed to service brilliance and improvisation in continuous performance of the team.

Attention to the well-being of the patients is the major concern for the staff associated with MKM since as a community health care services provider, we serve through awareness, consultation, counselling, educating our patients and their families, outreach the resources, and other innovative services to prove ourselves as a potent contributor to the field.

It is very much important to ensure the patients and their families’ peace of mind through high quality services, compassionate treatment; delivering care beyond their expectations and in turn providing such facilities in cost efficient manner.
This is the pursuit of excellence we strive for, in the long run, in which we should remain patient centric, maintain professionalism, prove our medical excellence, and stand on genuine ethical practice by improvising the health and well-being of the individuals and their families.