Partial Nephrectomy is a procedure that is safe and effective for the patient so as to remove a small kidney tumours, however preserving the remaining part of the kidney.
laparoscopic nephrectomy is a minimal invasive technique that lets the patient to be in less discomfort.
This procedure provides equivalent results as compared to the conventional open surgeries with reduced post-operative pain, a short duration for the hospital stay. This has become one of the potent method for the patients with renal cell carcinoma.


• The duration of operation varies from 2-4 hours
• Small incisions are made approximately (1 cm each, 5-6 in number), in the abdomen. The tumour is generally removed intact, as a whole through one of the incisions, and is placed in sterile bag.
• Stay in the hospital is characteristically for a single day.


• Bleeding
• Infection
• Tissue/Organ Injury
• Conversion to Open Surgery
• Urine Leak

Before the Surgery:

• Pre-Operative Visit
Written instructions will be given regarding what to eat and drink before the surgery. Some of the diagnostic tests will be asked to the patient like

Blood work

• X-ray
• Urine analysis
• Temperature elevation
• Ibuprofen/miscellaneous medication check

After the Surgery:

Straightaway after the surgery patient will be taken to the recovery room till awake. Vitals will be monitored till they are stable.

• Post-operative symptoms:
• Nausea
• Drain from the incision in the back over the kidney area, that will drain blood tinged fluid.
• Urinary Catheter: for draining urine from the bladder.
• Diet: might be through intravenous catheter (IV), after the surgery day: small sips of fluids and after few days regular food can be given.
• Incentive Spirometry: Simple breathing exercises to help prevent respiratory infections. Deep breathing and coughing is a vital part of your recovery and aids in preventing pneumonia and other complications.
• Ambulation: After the surgery it is very important to begin walking so as to reduce the formation of blood clots in legs.
• Hospital Stay: Length of the stay ranges from 2-3 days.