Hypospadias is a condition in which there is a formation of penis that does not work well as well as does not look normal.
It is a condition where the meatus (opening of urinary passage ) is not at the top of the penis, instead the hole of the penis is placed alongside of the penis, at any place. The hole is basically found at the distal position in this condition, may be at the end or at the middle position of the penile shaft. The hole can also be found at the proximal position as well. This may be accompanied by another condition in which the penis curves downward lightly, a condition known as chordee. It is most commonly seen by birth and is one of the rare defect observed so far.


Hormonal imbalance during the formation of penile structure.


Diagnosis is done by not only looking at the position of meatus but also by observing the foreskin that is not completely formed on the underside of the penis. This results in the uncovered penis which gives rise to the “dorsal hood”.


Hypospadias is fixed with surgery.
The surgery involves four steps:
• Straightening the shaft
• Making the urinary channel
• Positioning the meatus in the head of the penis
• Circumcising or reconstructing the foreskin


• Formation of fistula formed in another place of penis.
• Formation of scars in the urethral opening.
• Difficulty in passing the urine.
• Leakage in the urinary system.