My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person,

he believed in me……in our dream project!

~ Dr. Punit Tiwari

Started his journey all alone, not less than a leader for a small city like Chattarpur, words will be less to account about him, he is our “Pathfinder” Shri. Hanumant Sharan Tiwari. It will be wrong to put “late” in front of his name since he resides in our heart, in the heart of Chattarpur, in the emotions of his children, in the manners of his generation, indeed in the soul of his people and has blessed the foundation of MKM Stone & Urology Hospital, Bhopal. It is because of his perseverance and blessings that this organisation is writing its name in the heart of our country with flying colors.

He is and was a simple man with liberal values, a man of words who believed that money comes, & money goes; fame comes, & fame goes, however, a common man is still a common man but not less than a celebrity in his own stadium. Though he belonged to a very conservative background, still believed that education stands far and wide hence encouraged his wards to achieve big so as to help the society on their own. He made his children, what they are today & this has been very well credited by his only son “Dr. Punit Tiwari, Founder and Director, MKM Stone & Urology Hospital, Bhopal”.

Shri H. S. Tiwari was the one who did not contemplated over the monetary issues of the family but helped everyone selflessly. This couple “Mr. & Mrs. H. S. Tiwari” embarked on the history of a small city that if you have courage and togetherness of each other, you can always move ahead and seek support of your partner, no matter the situation, what matters the most is the belief and warmth of a relation, which should not subside. He was the father who was ready to sacrifice his own self for the betterment of the society without looking over his own children since it was his confident on his better half that she will give her best shot for the upbringing of his children.

Shri. H.S. Tiwari was an advocate by choice and a leader by chance, his persona was so much magnetic & charming that he encouraged minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love. He was a teacher who consumed himself to light the way of others. He was the one who use to fight for the cases of needy people without taking any fees, at the juncture of such inflation where it was so hard to survive alone! But he was a courageous man to lead a joint family to persist that to in a very profound manner, without any difficulty.

His values imprinted not only in the curriculum of his children but can very well be seen in their gestures & upbringing as expressed by numerous patients in their feedback, the humble behaviour of his son “Dr. Punit Tiwari”. It will not be wrong to say as father as son and here it is a “Proud Son & a Proud Father”. What Shri. Tiwari wanted, his children are continuously marching towards that goal, without thinking for a while that how the day comes and how does it go! This is what a father burns him….for!

Shri. H. S. Tiwari always taught his people that “be kind to everyone you meet, because you never know who is fighting what battle for his or her own survival”. His ethics & his principles were his energy and god was his only strength. He always believed that being god fearer is not apt but being god believer is what one strives for, this is what he taught his children. He being a father is and was a masterpiece from nature for his children, and that can be heard very well from his children through their stories.

Naming a few he was not only involved in advocacy but was involved in the upliftment of women and children. He was the torch bearer for the people who believed in Hindu Sanskriti and motivated people for the same. He was the hard-core believer of lord Rama and his principles. Even not associated with any NGO, he worked for the development of Chattarpur on his own and took many initiatives that marked the growth of the small city. Day might come to an end but his tales of Chattarpur will not end.