“A strong women has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…. But a women of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong”.

The aforementioned quotation stands perfect for the inspiration of our dream project. This inspiration is none other than our dearest mother “Mrs. Pramila Tiwari”. A women who stood for herself, for her family, for her children in all the times of need. We usually hear about inspirational women around the globe, but there are women who likes to stand behind the scenes, who work at the back of their home just to make it “a happy place to reside in”. Who are actually are the backbone of the house but gives their power to their best half, so that the happy place is still happy to live in.

We typically meet everyday lives: our mothers, our sisters, our daughters and also even the women down the lane, no matter how much they are stressed but they will always exchange a pleasant smile when you meet them or when you pass by them. From this very smile, we at MKM congregated rays of hope and faith to stand for our project. It is Mrs. Pramila Tiwari who can be defined as an amalgamation of sacrifice, love and compassion, a lady who likes to live in black and white but always bestowed rainbow colours on her children. She herself is a strong believer of god and has taught us to be the same in this broad spectrum of life.

Though from an immensely small town, she chose her pathway on her own. She fought with the society for the wellbeing of her children; if on one hand their future was everything to her so do her husband on the other hand. But being a mother, nature did not allowed her to leave her children behind, so she chose her wards and left home with bare hands. The only thing she carried was the love and respect for her husband and the trust of their relationship. She marched as a one women army to seek a job keeping only the future of her kids at her priority. Hence, with each passing day at Mandla, she proved that she is the epitome of selfless love. She will be the backbone of her children’s future.

When as a son, I was growing under her revered roof I have seen her struggling and juggling for numerous things but she never compromised on us, she became our pillar of strength and on later stages a pillar for MKM! It was her belief on me that made me a successful son, a friend, a brother, a husband, a father and a doctor indeed, I owe every success to her! Since long it was in the thoughts of our parents that something is to be done for the welfare of the society, her motivation and our efforts resulted into MKM, it is indeed their dream project for which I am lucky to be a chosen one to start, we are proud of!

At some stages of life, during her struggle she was tired and unwell but she under no circumstances let us to comprehend her tears, she instead bucked us up to put more efforts and thus letting our zeal to grew more with time. She is a true inspirer and an optimistic soul who can fight for her survival at any cost.

Words will be less to explain what imprints she has on our lives, but when in our childhood it was said that “a mother is our first teacher”, earlier it was difficult to understand but with increasing candles on her cake, we feel every time that she is always there to teach us a new lesson of life. Still, being at this age when I feel distracted I just grab energy from her to start afresh, this id what mother’s are for. It is the supremacy that she has given to us that we are able to think beyond the boundations keeping very new foundations around us for the welfare of people. With all her rejections from the society, she was the happiest to see her children rising! I owe my every bit to her!
Every mother is a giver! Mothers are treasure for life!

Thank you for all the time you gave us to achieve what we are!

Your Son,
Dr. Punit Tiwari
MKM team

No language can express the power and beauty and the heroism of a mother’s love!