Penile Injections

  • The medication used in this therapy is injected into the skin either lateral side of the penis carefully.
  • The medication at first is drawn into a syringe, specifically an insulin-type syringe having a very fine needle since the area of injection ought to be very sensitive.
  • In the penis there is a spongy tissue, on which the injection is given, this tissue is called as corpora cavernosa.
  • After choosing the site for injection on the penis, the patient should wipe the organ with the help of spirit tissue wipe, “poke” the needle gently through the skin of the penis and inject the medicine into the organ.
  • Straightaway after the injecting the medication, patient should press firmly on the injection site with a gauze with his thumb and his first finger as the basal support to cold compress the area for at least five minutes else up to ten minutes depending on the patient’s condition (specially for the patients taking blood thinning medicines such as coumadin).
  • This medication works better if the patient is in standing position since it aids in the proper blood flow.
  • Correspondingly, external stimulation to the organ enhances the blood flow thus letting the organ work efficiently in conjugation with the medicine injected.
  • Few individuals are hesitant for injecting the needle into the skin, so they prefer auto-injectors that is a spring-loaded device which inserts the needle into the penis very firmly and quickly.
  • This auto-injector reduces the pain, minimize the discomfort, and hence eliminates the psychological hesitancy.